They had the car for over a week put parts on that wasn’t even the problem then they say they can’t even fix the problem is going to cost thousands of dollars and then they will completely left the car on E but if their car was under the line they want to charge us money for the fuel so they literally had to tow the car here and put it in the driveway. Well great job taking care your customers


I felt that SSAC was such a professional environment! I appreciated the free loaner car and the caring and friendly service. It was a very clean waiting area and I felt well cared for.


Always the best: Honest about what really needs doing and what doesn't, efficient workers, and work well done.


South Side once again provided fast and excellent service. I needed the antifreeze reservoir replaced. While in the shop, they did a quick check on the rest of the car and discovered that I have a problem with my brake assembly. We discussed the issue and it wash quickly repaired. We have been taking our cars to South Side for years. Highly recommend to anyone with a car issue.


In early October I took my 2009 HHR in to South Street Auto Care for regular maintenance — an oil change and a tire rotation. When they did their general inspection they discovered that my fuel lines were rusted and leaking gas and recommended I have them replaced right away for safety reasons. As a woman I'm always afraid of being taken advantage of when I service my car, but South Street salespeople always explain everything carefully and prioritize repairs — they also noticed a wheel bearing had become loose but told me I didn't have to replace that right away (a lot of mechanics would've tried to use scare tactics to have me fix everything they found at once). They took pictures of the damaged parts, gave me in-depth explanations of each service I needed, and had the job done in a little over a day and a half. Combined with their 3-year warranty, their oil change discounts, and the availability of free loaner cars, I can definitely see myself coming back to South Street for all my major repairs in the future.


Friendly and fast service. I needed a new battery while in town visiting family. They fit me in immediately so I could get back on the road.


Fantastic Services !! Great prices!!!


These guys are great. Very knowledgeable and honest. I would highly recommend.


Fantastic job! Extremely efficient and fairly priced !


South Street Auto has always treated me well. The problem is always addressed quickly and the repair is done correctly . . . good job