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Steve was very helpful in understanding which of the items on the list were important to safety. We are trying to hold on to our son's car for a while longer without putting too much money into it. Thanks , John

Thanks so much for that. We work really hard to make sure we are listening to our customers needs.

- South Street Auto Care

North Hill Marathon Auto Care always take good care of us and our vehicles!! Many thanks!!


Thank you so much for always taking such great care of us. It really makes a difference when you know you can take you can car in and get exactly what you need. Thank again for always taking care of us like family. Sincerely, Katie and Brian


Your service is always complete and honest. Thanks!


Kirk, Joel, and the rest of the team there were awesome when my wife and I were in the process of buying a used minivan. We took it in for an inspection, and they did a really thorough job checking everything out and advised us that it was a great purchase, and some things that needed to be done on it eventually. We bought the van and brought it back in for a brake job, and to get another thing fixed they had initially recommended, and when Joel called to give us a quote on the brake job, he mentioned the other thing (something with the flex pip) really didn't need to be fixed right away if we didn't want to, that is was just a cosmetic issue. I thought that was really respectable as other repair shops would've led me to believe it had to be fixed just to get the extra money out of me. These guys were just super friendly and honest throughout the whole process and my wife and I couldn't be more thankful and appreciative. Another thing worthy of noting is that when my wife went in to pick up the van from the inspection, there was another guy in there who was a previous customer who brought in bagels for the whole crew there to show his appreciation for whatever it was they did for him. Also, when I went in to drop the van off for the brake job, in the waiting room was an elderly lady who was waiting to hear the word on an issue with her car's wheels (or something). The repair tech came out, and knelt down on her level and just really nicely explained what the problem was, and offered to fix it for free. She seemed so appreciative and was like "well I guess I'll just have to bake you all more cookies then!". That stuff really says a lot about the people you are trusting to be honest with you about the repairs on your vehicle. I can't recommend this place more highly. Kirk also owns another location in Livonia called Kirk's Auto Care, and from what I've read in the reviews of that location and heard from friends is that the experience is the same as North Hill.. just super friendly and honest.


Helpful and great service. I will definitely be back.

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