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Top 5 Common Car Problems in Rochester, Michigan, and How to Prevent Them!

Top 5 Common Car Problems in Rochester, Michigan, and How to Prevent Them!

  Living in Rochester, Michigan, offers a blend of beautiful landscapes and diverse weather conditions. However, the seasonal changes bring specific challenges for car owners. At South Street Auto Care, we're well-versed in these local quirks and are dedicated to helping you navigate them. Here's our guide to the top 5 common car problems in Rochester, Michigan, and our expert advice on how to prevent them. 1. Battery Problems in Cold Weather The chilly winters in Rochester, Michigan, can take a toll on your car's battery. The cold can significantly reduce a battery's efficiency. To avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery, consider these tips: Regular Battery Checks: Have your battery's health assessed regularly, especially as winter approaches. Keep Connections Clean: Ensure that the battery terminals are free from corrosion. Proper Insulation: Think about insulating your battery to help it retain warmth during the colder months ... read more

Ready for your spring break road trip?

Ready For Your Spring Break Road Trip?   March 22, 2023 Spring break is a popular time for families to vacation. As you plan and prepare for your vacation, don’t forget your vehicle. Before you head out, stop by for an oil change with a multipoint inspection that includes – Filter inspection Brake Inspection Fluid Check Tire Pressure In the unfortunate event a tire blows out on your trip, don’t forget to ask to have the air pressure in the spare tire checked! Check available appointment times on our website


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