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Top 5 Common Car Problems in Rochester, Michigan, and How to Prevent Them!

Top 5 Common Car Problems in Rochester, Michigan, and How to Prevent Them!

  Living in Rochester, Michigan, offers a blend of beautiful landscapes and diverse weather conditions. However, the seasonal changes bring specific challenges for car owners. At South Street Auto Care, we're well-versed in these local quirks and are dedicated to helping you navigate them. Here's our guide to the top 5 common car problems in Rochester, Michigan, and our expert advice on how to prevent them. 1. Battery Problems in Cold Weather The chilly winters in Rochester, Michigan, can take a toll on your car's battery. The cold can significantly reduce a battery's efficiency. To avoid the inconvenience of a dead battery, consider these tips: Regular Battery Checks: Have your battery's health assessed regularly, especially as winter approaches. Keep Connections Clean: Ensure that the battery terminals are free from corrosion. Proper Insulation: Think about insulating your battery to help it retain warmth during the colder months ... read more

This Is What You Need to Know About Audi Brake Repair

Are you looking for high-quality, honest Audi brake repair in the Rochester Hills area? Then you’re in luck because South Street Auto Care’s qualified auto mechanics can do any kind of car repair or maintenance service on your Audi, including brake repair. So what do you really need to know about Audi brake repair? You need someone who is not only honest and fair but who is highly experienced with Audi brake repair. If your brakes are giving you trouble, and you’re not confident that they’ll stop your Audi the way that they should, someone needs to look at those brakes ASAP. And if you’re in the Rochester Hills area, the South Street Auto Care crew is happy to take a look at your Audi. What you don’t know about South Street Auto Care is that the owner, Kirk, was at a specialty brake shop for over ten years, so we have plenty of experience with Audi brake repair. In fact, you could very well say that South Street Auto Care in Rochester Hills is the ... read more

BMW Brake Repair: How to Find a Great Auto Mechanic

Have you been looking for a great auto mechanic in the Rochester Hills area to repair your BMW’s brakes? Luckily, South Street Auto Care has the car repair experts who can do any kind of maintenance service on your BMW--including BMW brake repair. Now anyone can do a so-so job on your brakes but read on to learn about how we’re different at South Street Auto Care. We would argue that having a great auto mechanic is like having a great healthcare practitioner. You need someone who will listen, someone who’ll fix the basic underlying problem, and someone who will deliver the results you need. A great auto mechanic will go above and beyond in how they repair your BMW’s brakes. And of course, having a car that doesn’t brake correctly can put not only your car but the health and safety of your entire family at risk. At South Street Auto Care, our car repair technicians know that when you’re driving around Rochester Hills, your BMW needs to be able to com ... read more

What You Need to Know Now About MINI Brake Repair

You may have been searching for an auto mechanic who knows about MINI brake repairs in the Rochester Hills area, only to come up empty-handed. Luckily, the car repair experts at South Street Auto Care are here to make your maintenance service easier. MINI brake repair is a little different than most kinds of brake repair in that MINIs often have electric parking brakes. Your auto mechanic needs to have the right tools to repair MINI brakes. And at South Street Auto Care, we have the right equipment to repair electric parking brakes (particular to the European world). So before you drive around Rochester Hills searching for someone to do your MINI brake repair, we’re here to tell you that your brake repairs, along with all your other car repairs, can be done right here at South Street Auto Care. Here at South Street Auto Care, we sandblast the MINI’s components, so your brakes last longer. We use a moly-based lubricant to slow corrosion, which is a huge issue in Michigan ... read more

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